Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Website!

For updated information, please visit Montgomery Farmers' Market at our new website!  This blog will be coming down soon, and that will be our home on the web!


  1. Excellent post, I will visit the blog. It's going to be a good reading time. I am sure about it.

  2. Hi

    How about considering having maybe The City of Montgomery, Ohio, help you fine folks out with some temporary handicapped parking signage for your NEW location in 2012?

    There appears not to be a single upright post, signage, anything that would entice and encourage the handicapped patron to park up close as required by federal law and make it much more easier to enjoy, patronize the area vendors, and have a much more very positive experience?

    For more info: (800)-949-4232

  3. Hi, Anonymous! I tried that number -- it doesn't seem to be connected to handicapped parking signage?