Thursday, May 6, 2010

How You Can Help

Montgomery Farmers' Market, LLC, is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and supported in part  by donations from the community.  Your help is crucial in developing a successful market.

If you are interested in volunteering to help, please email our volunteer coordinator. We need help developing an actual REAL website, help at each market running the place, and help with such things as business sponsorships, marketing, and fundraising.  And if you really want to get involved, our 9-member board includes community members, vendors, and local business owners; each year three new members are elected.

Donations from the community are crucial for us, especially this first year. In order to attract quality vendors for a Saturday market, we kept the vendor fee very low. In order to pay our expenses, we need support from the community. If you'd like to donate, you can do so at one of the markets (just stop by the Market Manager's booth -- we'll be absolutely thrilled to see you!)  Or you can donate through PayPal:

Other ways you can help:
If you're on facebook:

    1. Find our facebook page and "like" it. 
    2. Suggest it to your friends who live in the area.
    3. Share a link to this blog/website. 
    If you're on twitter:
    Follow MontFarmersMkt on Twitter
    1. Find us on twitter and follow us.
    2. Reply to or retweet what MontFarmersMkt tweets (within reason, of course) about the market.
    3. Reply to or retweet what other folks tweet about the market. 
    And of course most importantly: come to market regularly and shop with our vendors!

    Thank you!


      1. I am interested in selling some of my 100% all natural, 1oo% whole grain Marta Cookies. Wondered how much it cost for a booth or if anyone would be interested in sharing one.

        Thanks- and thanks specifically to you, Valeree, for all your hard work in making this possible. Long live the "small" farmer!

      2. Marta, at the top left of the page there's a link for vendors to the contract and application!


      3. I really think next year (2011) you should consider moving the market to a street where it is visable from Montgomery Road. You can easily set it up in Shelly Lane just starting at Montgomery Road by Montgomery Bicycle, that way it can be seen be all. The location back off the street is not very appealing.

      4. Hi, Elizabeth! We are definitely hoping to move the market to Montgomery Elementary School next year. It's up to the city -- the public parking lot off of Shelly was the only place they'd approve for us this year. Closing the street would have affected the retailers along the west side of Montgomery Rd -- shoppers wouldn't have been able to get to their parking lots.

        Please let the city know you'd like to see the market in a more visible spot next year!