Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Generous Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers

Montgomery Farmers' Market thanks our sponsors, donors, and volunteers.  Without all your help, the market would never have become a reality.

2010 Sponsors

CK Consulting
Riedmiller & Associates
Foot Solutions
Krombholz Jewelers
Whedon-Armstrong, Inc
Montgomery Lodge #94 F&AM
Montgomery District Business Association
City of Montgomery

2010 Donors

*Charlie Armstrong
*Debbie Erdman
*Jane Garfield
*Terri Hornback-Torres
*Deborah Hutchins
*Leah Levy
*Mehul Parikh
*Dennis Riedmiller
*Russ Speiller
*Sharon Stengel
*Valerie Taylor
*Andrea Wilson
*Bill Wingo

2010 Volunteers

Erin Crosby
*Jane Garfield
*Terri Hornback-Torres
Connie Kash
Debbie Miller
*Mehul Parikh
*Dennis Riedmiller
Eric Roth
*Steve Schmidlin
*Ann Scranton
Derek Scranton
*Russ Speiller
*Sharon Stengel
*Valerie Taylor
*Pete Tietelman

* MCLA Class of 2010

Special thanks also to Amber Morris and Frank Davis of the City of Montgomery, who weren't exactly volunteering but who went above and beyond for us this year.  Thanks also to the entire city staff and City Council for making the market possible through a lot of hard work on the market's behalf.

Want to donate or volunteer?  

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