Saturday, March 5, 2011

Information for Farmers and Cottage Producers

Interested in joining us?  Montgomery Farmers' Market is the closest Saturday market to 55,000 households with an average income of $97,000.  We are a densely populated area with easy access from three nearby highways.

See our 2011 Vendor Rules and 2011 Farmers/Cottage Producers Application.


  1. Why not have the City put about four park seating benches at each corner of this market?

    Most women love to shop and spend their man's money.

    The man would probably not mind if they had a nice place to sit, even maybe in the shade.

    Hey, even some of the oldies, geezers, and crips would not mind having a nice place to sit and wait.

    Sad that not a single handicapped parking space was provided for visitors to this event!

  2. Hi, Anonymous! Great suggestions, thanks -- we'll pass these on to the city. We've asked repeatedly for seating, but we hadn't thought about the lack of designated handicapped parking adjacent to our market!